Dental Tourism in Belgrade, Serbia

Enjoy beautiful Belgrade and save more than 50% on dental services in Atlas Stomatology Dental Office

Serbia is one of the most beautiful and visited tourist locations in Europe. You will be amazed by gorgeous mountains, long rivers, clean streams, irreplaceable i astonishing local cuisine. Belgrade, as the Capital City (and the biggest) in Serbia, has become unavoidable place which leaves permanent and indelible memories to each guest. Tourists from all around the world, especially from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Russia, adore Belgrade where, beside great fun and many sightseeing attractions, can enjoy affordable dental and stomatology services.

Did you know that more and more tourists enjoy benefits of great, proven, quality stomatology services while visiting Belgrade and Serbia and experiencing its beauty? World known and acknowledged stomatologists help many tourists maintain their oral and dental health, daily, while the prices are much more affordable than those in Europe and United States of America. It is more worth, for any tourist, to buy airplane tickets for the whole family, book a house or apartment via AirBnB for a couple of days, enjoy the beautiful places and attractions in Serbia and Belgrade, and to have enough money left to fix any dental problem they have?

Dental Office Atlas Stomatology exists for more than 20 years and has served more than four thousand patients. We are located in Gandijeva 59/1 street in Belgrade, New Belgrade, and there are great places to visit in our vicinity.

First thing you have to visit is Savski Kej awesome and long promenade with lots of restaurants and bars on the water, called Splavovi (in Serbian language). Those restaurants offer great local and international cuisine you can enjoy. On one of them you can taste unbelievable and incredible pastas and pizzas, in other one you can enjoy traditional and (of course) awesome Serbian food which includes world famous ćevapi, and on the third one you can experience international cuisine including special raw steaks and gorgonzola sauces.

And when the night comes, you can have great fun and memorable night time on them. Between these restaurants and bars on the water and the main walking area there is long green area where you can create small family picnic, play sports or just walk. And on the main walking path you can either enjoy long walks or drive bicycles. There is a place to rent one also. And that is not all. There are taxi boats on the promenade which you can take and go across to another shore where Ade Ciganlija, the biggest Belgrade “sea”, is located. Lots of locals, as well as tourists, love to visit Ada Ciganlija where they spend hot summer days and enjoy swimming, beach volley, golf, bicycle rides, running paths and water sports. There is nothing you cannot do.

Near Atlas Stomatology dental office there is one of the biggest shopping malls in Belgrade called Delta City where you can spend time shopping among various world brands and also enjoy local and domestic cuisine.
Via AirBnB you can rent great and affordable place like this apartment in new wonderful Sun City complex which is located just 500 meters from Savski Kej and 100 meters from our dental office Atlas Stomatology.

Garden Apartment Sun City New Belgrade
Beograd, Serbia

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A little bit further from our office there is city centre where is world known and must seen Knez Mihajlova street, which is one huge pedestrian zone with many shops, restaurants and tourist attractions. On one of the ends of Knez Mihajlova street there begins one of the most famous site seeing location called Belgrade Fortress. The Belgrade jewel, which you must visit.

If you haven’t come with your own car, or rented one, there is a great option for sightseeing Belgrade with Car:Go app, which is basically Serbian Uber. They will get you to any location cheaper than standard means of transpiration (like taxi). And they accept PayPal. Install their app and enjoy Belgrade. Also, don’t forget to get a ride in the open bus with the tour guide. It is just awesome and you get to see a lot of great places in Belgrade and see our culture.

When you come to Belgrade, settle in, enjoy our hospitality, beautiful city, and come to Atlas Stomatology Dental Office where you will get the best possible dental service at affordable prices.

We will do complete examination, answer all of your questions and doubts and then provide you with best dental and oral options, and of course the final price without any additional payments and “small letters” (if you know what we mean). And not just that, but we will give you tips for what to visit while in Belgrade. We are here for you, no matter what.

Before coming to Belgrade and planing of your trip contact us, book your dental appointment HERE and state your problem so we can be prepared, the best possible way for you when you come.
See you soon in beautiful Serbia and incredible Belgrade.

All dental services we provide are:

Conservative dentistry

  • Tooth filling (composite, amalgam)
  • Root canal treatment

Prosthetic dentistry

  • Metallic ceramic crowns and bridges
  • Crypton 8 in coris cc crowns and bridges
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Porcelain crowns and bridges
  • Glass ceramic crowns
  • Partial and complete prost
  • Skeleton dentures
  • Prosthetics on implants


  • Dental hygiene (cleaning of tooth plaque)
  • Non-surgical treatment of parodontopathy
  • Surgical treatment of parodontopathy (includes flap surgery, bone and tissue grafts)

Oral surgery

  • Surgical extraction of impacted teeth
  • Resection of tooth root
  • Jaw cysts removal

Jaw orthodontics

  • All types of fixed and mobile braces

Esthetic dentistry

  • Teeth whitening in the clinic for only 60 minutes
  • Home teeth whitening


  • Placement of state of the art implant systems
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